AfIBA CAPITAL, Impact through investment

Established in 2010, AfIBA CAPITAL is a subsidiary of Africa Investment and Business Advisers (AfIBA).

AfIBA CAPITAL mainly focuses on providing financial services and intermediation to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in West Africa. 

With AfIBA CAPITAL, AfIBA reinforces its commitment towards SMEs by offering services in financial engineering, as well as in assisting decision makers in raising capital according to their needs, may it be for growth or expansion of the organization. 

Beyond the financial consulting services, AfIBA CAPITAL also supplies deal sourcing for investors who want to have a social impact while investing in West Africa. 

Our vision is to contribute to the development of the sub-region by providing tailored and much needed financing opportunities to SMEs, the back-bones of our economy. 

Our missions:

  • Asset management
  • Financial engineering

More specifically, we intervene in areas where we can provide solutions to our customers which needs generally are:

  • Capacity building:

    Practical management training and technical assistance.

  • Financial structuring and fund raising:

    Relying on our network and expertise, we help our clients mobilize the specific type of funds needed to expand or consolidate their businesses.

  • Private equity fund management:

    Our mission is also to create sustainable value through financial investment and managerial coaching of potentially high growth SMEs, while seeking economic and social impact in the sub-region.


AfIBA CAPITAL’s financial experts are professionals with practical experience in corporate management as well as professional knowledge in financial modeling, techniques and instruments.


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